#Deletecontrol/ campagne voor internetvrijheid tegen censuur



Internet freedom is under threat

Repressive regimes and their security services have seen the great power of the internet to bring about change. And they are trying to control online activity. Bloggers are traced, intimidated, arrested. Websites and networks are blocked, e-mail accounts are hacked and computers infected with spyware. But there are smart ways to counter this brutal repression and control.

Smart weapons against censorship
Our partners develop tips and tools agains censorship, digital surveillance and repression. They help bloggers to stay under the radar and be safe online. With our internet freedom campaign #deletecontrol/ we proudly present these partners. And we ask you to join the battle for a free and open internet, and help bloggers and activists to stay safe online. How? You can share our video and help spread the campaign. You can also make a donation to support smart weapons against censorship.


Your donation contributes to training, free online platforms and the development of new tools. You invest in practical solutions, in smart weapons against repression and for freedom online. Want to know more about the initiatives you support with your donation? You can find some examples of who we work with under partners.



Hivos partners develop tips and tools against censorship, digital surveillance and repression. In our #deletecontrol/ campaign we proudly presents these partners and their hard, dedicated work for freedom of expression online and social change.

  • In our Would you dare to upload the truth? video you can see how a blurring tool is being used to blur faces. This tool is the ‘ObscuraCam’, a project by our partner Witness which focuses on video for change.
  • Another very useful resource our protagonist in the video turns to for online security, is Global Voices Advocacy. A platform for and by bloggers to defend freedom of speech online and share knowledge.
  • MidEastYouth is an online platform amplifying voices of dissent with great projects and beautiful, smart design.
  • Tactical Technology Collective provides a wide range of tools and tactics, as well as training for activists how to stay safe online and how to turn information into action.